HP Caregiver's Support Group

The Heritage Pines Caregiver's Support Group

Purpose:  To provide support, information and assistance to ALL caregivers within Heritage Pines.

Meetings:  Usually held the second Friday of the month at 10 a.m. in the Heritage Pines in the Craft Room.

Contact:  For more information, call Debbie Young 813 929-0523 or e mail dayoung3@verizon.net.

Getting a Diagnosis--Which Disease is Causing Dementia

     Why It Is Important to Diagnose the Cause of Dementia 

Diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease 

     The Memory Disorder Clinics in the Tampa area are: 

          Suncoast Alzheimer's and Geriatric Center ,  800-633-4563

          Morton Plant Memory Disorder Clinic,  727-298-6384

          University of South Florida Memory Disorder Clinic, 813-974-3100

Helpful Links:

     HBO Documentary: "The Alzheimer's Project" 

           The Alzheimer's Project

     Cargiver's Support    

University of Florida, Cargiver's Support Reading Room 

          HPH Hospice and HPH Home Health 

Driving Issues 

          Alzheimer's Association article 'Driving'

          Alzheimer's Association another article 'Driving'

          American Academy of Neurology article 'Driving advice for people with epolepsy, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, and their families.

          The Hardford article 'Family Conversations about Alzheimer's, dementia and driving'

          The Hartford article 'Family Converstions with older drivers'


          Activities at Home--Planning the day for the person with dementia  

     Topics of Conversation and Activities for People with Dementia  
    In Home Doctor Visits 
American Academy of Home Care Physicians www.aahcp.org/physicianreferral.shtml  lists two doctors who
           serve Pasco County:

                     Richard Wacksman, MD, Mobile Physician Service, 727-232-0644
                     Pierre Leger, MD, CWS, Wound Care Consultant/Home Care, 813-632-9446


   Do Not Recusitate (DNR) Letter 
                  What Is It and Do I Need One?

Helpful Information:

     Scroll down to see documents listed at the bottom of this page.

     Accessing the Heritage Pines Caregiver Support Group Web Site:

           If you are a resident at Heritage Pines--Go to the Heritage Pines Web Site, login, and then click on 'Social Pages' on the left
           side of the screen. 

          Click on 'Clubs, 
Groups & Leagues', then scroll down the list and click on 'HP Caregiver's Support Group.'

          If you are not a resident at Heritage Pines--Go to http://www.heritagepines.net/, then click on Clubs & Goups on the left side of the

          Scroll down through the list of clubs and groups, and click on 'HP Caregiver's Support Group.'

Respite Care in Heritage Pines:

Attention Caregivers!

The HP Resident Volunteer Respite Program


Volunteers will provide in home companion visits to the caregiver’s loved one while they take a much needed break.


If you would like to set up a companion visit or would like more information,

Call Kathy Butler at 727 862-2736.



 Caregiver Connection--Finding the Help You Need, 20 Oct 09
 Caregiver's Handbook- 1. Title Page
 Caregiver's Handbook- 2. Story Behind Handbook
 Caregiver's Handbook- 3. Table of Contents
 Caregiver's Handbook- 4. Introduction
 Caregiver's Handbook- 5. Stage One, Getting Started, Pages 13 - 34
 Caregiver's Handbook- 6. Stage Two, Finding Help, Pages 35 - 56
 Caregiver's Handbook- 7. Stage Three, Heavy Care, Pages 57 - 96
 Caregiver's Handbook- 8. Stage Four, Letting Go, Pages 97 - 112
 Caregiver's Handbook- 9. Resources and Tips, Pages 113 - 147
 Caregiver's Handbook- 10. Eye Disease Simulation, Page 148
 Caregiver's Handbook- 11. Books, Videos and Websites, Pages 149 - 170
 Life Expectancy--Alzheimer's Shortens Life Expectancy
 Life Expectancy--Alzheimer's Cuts Life Expectancy in Half
 Life Expectancy--Dr Larson's Life Expectancy Study
 Stages of Alzheimer's Disease
 Behavior Management for Dementia Caregivers
 Behavior Management Techniques
 Behavior Management Help Guide
 Behavior Management, Agitation in Alzheimer's Patients
 Behavioral Management Plus Exercise in Patients With Alzheimer Disease
 Behavior Management,Managing Unpredictable Behavior in Alzheimer's Patients
 Doctor says an oil lessened Alzheimer's effects on her husband
 What If There Was a Cure for Alzheimer's Disease and No One Knew?
 Coconut Oil Dietary Guidelines and Suggestions, by Mary T. Newport, MD
 Caring for a person with Alzheimer's Disease
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