Angels in the Pines

The Heritage Pines Angels are a group of residents who work all year long to provide local school children with hats and scarves for the cool winter weather. They also make special hats for ladies undergoing chemotherapy, and donate handmade items to the Domestic Violence Shelter as well as other needy organizations. 

There have been several requests from HP residents as to where they could donate the”work clothes” that they wore before retiring.  The Angels have found a wonderful place that needs this type of clothing.  It is
MY CAREER CLOSET and is located at 17998 Ayers Rd (at the corner of Ayers and Route 41) Masaryktown.
The phone number is 352-293-2015  and it is best to call first as they have variable hours.  They really help women get back on their feet and into a production place in society.  When  a woman has an interview, My Career Closet will dress her in an appropriate outfit for an interview.  If she gets the job they will provide five outfits that are appropriate for her work.


If anyone would like to join the camaraderie  and dedication of the Angels,  please join us on any Sunday in the Craft Room at 1 PM.  Don’t be concerned if you do not know how to loom or knit….   we have people who will be happy to teach you. 

Angels in the Pines Contact Information

Margaret Harbert
[email protected]